woensdag 28 maart 2012

CQ WPX 2012 (SSB)

The past weekend was again the CQ WPX in SSB mode.For me a good way to test my antenna's on my new small tower.The first test as it's just up for a big week.Because of trouble with the neightbours about parts of my antenna's hanging over their garden,i only put in the dipole of my FB33 and the GB 40M Rotary dipole.In the future i will put up a minibeam and my choice for now would be the Butternut HF5B.

I started the contest late on saterday morning at 5:00 UTC.For me as a Novice HAM is only allowed to TRX at 10 , 20 and the 40M band.The 20 and 40M band are also limited from 14.000-14.250 and 7.050-7.100 Mhz.So it wasn't usefull to start early because the 40M would be full with big signals in the start.

Some contests we are lucky with the propagation.Also this weekend the propagation gods were at our side.The 20M band was already open at 5:00 UTC....something that didn't happen much in the past weeks.Also it was open till late in the evening.My first QSO's were on the 20M.Not too much were received here yet,so after 20 minutes i went to the 40M.Good to try out the GB 40M Rotary dipole.
Because of the neightbour trouble i did buy this antenna as well.Normal i use the PKW MHF1e40,but that antenna is 10.50 meters long....and as our garden is just 6.00 meters wide...you know the problems will come.For sure the PKW is better then the GB...in performance as well in design!!

The 40M band was also good open and worked P41P , P49Y , HK3JJB and also a few Brasilian stations as DX,besides ofcourse the EU stations.

Also the 10M band was wide open to the East,South and South-West.Nice stations worked from thoose directions.
For me the goal is always to try to defeat my score from the year before.With the better propagation that we had now,i succeed this goal this time again and went 80 QSO's over it and 100.000 points more this time.
I wasn't behind the radio the whole time that was allowed.When i look at the analyses,i would be active only 11 hours!!

I'm happy with the result and know what to do next year.Hopefully the propagation will be good then as well.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Bernard, ziet er weer goed uit. Zie dat jij nog een oude versie van SH5 gebruikt. Je kan de nieuwe zo downloaden en installeren hoor, gewoon over de oude versie heen. Nieuwe versie is mooier. Weer mooie DX gewert zie ik. He XV1X gemist helaas. Komt nog wel een keertje...73, Bas

    1. Hoi Bas,
      Ja ik zag het bij jou,dat je een nieuwe versie had.heb hem al geupdate hoor.

      Ja werkt allemaal wel lekker,alleen nu nog een kleinere beam hebben he,helaas.De FB33 bevalt mij heel erg goed.Had gezocht en wat de minibeams aangaat komt de HF5B het beste eruit.
      En ook nog 5 banden he,hi.Hij is bijna vergelijkbaar met de FB23...dus de 2elm van Fritzel.

      Toch sta je soms versteld wat een dipool wel niet allemaal kan werken,natuurlijk wel propagatiegevoelig dan he.

      73's Bernard